Welcome 2017!

For many of us, the ushering in of 2017 is filled with relief after a rough 2016. We have a new president elect, financial markets are showing stronger growth, and scientists have found proven benefits to chocolate!

Closer to home, the economy in Houston is beginning a rebound from the oil and gas drop of 2015 and 2016. As many predicted a year ago, 2017 is showing signs of slow recovery in this sector and the emergence of rig production appears to be on the rise … a very hopeful indicator for a town still largely dependent on oil production. In addition, we continue to see strong job growth among the entertainment and food industry sectors and job losses for the most part are being balanced by job gains with an anticipation of continued growth throughout 2017.

For those looking at moving to Houston or moving within Houston, interest rates have remained relatively low and home prices here are still among the most affordable in the country. In short, buyers are still flocking to our area and inventory is starting to rise! This is great news for both buyers and sellers alike. It is especially advantageous for that move-up buyer as he/she can benefit from maximizing the value of their current home while low rates mean more affordability on the buying side.

All this being said, every market has its pros and cons. You need to evaluate what works for you and when. The best way to do that is by sitting down with a skilled Realtor and really examining your personal situation including your hopes, dreams, and goals — both short and long-term.

We at the Craft Team wish you all peace love and joy in 2017!